Who Are We?

Get Some Productions is a karaoke and mobile DJ service based out of Pomeroy, IA. We specialize in small and medium sized venues. As of 2020, we are 100 percent digital with an all modern catalog. We have a focus on fun and safety and are fully insured.

Our equipment setup includes various types of party lighting, party fog, and general mixing/sound equipment including a new state of the art subwoffer and monitor speaker. We are always expanding our library and equipment based on suggestions, need, and demand. Our goal is to give your customers a fun night filled with contests, dancing, karaoke, and good music.



What is a better way to bring in the crowd on a slow night? Make them the star. With over 365,000 songs and growing weekly thanks to our new system and partnership with Hart Karaoke, you will not be disappointed. Our song book and singer sign up are also available by scanning a QR code with your phone. Please note that a free account and verified email are required for signer signup, but no account is required to browse the songbook. We also offer digital kiosks to sign-up at the event. As of 2020, we have partnered with SongbookDB to bring digital songbooks and sign-ups. This new karaoke system went live at the end of 2019.


DJ Music Hosting

Do you want the crowd up and active? Plenty of dancing, singing, and showing their stuff? Sounds like you need a live mobile DJ. We specialize in country and classic rock music, but we have an ecleptic mix of music in our library. We have a very strict policy regarding downtime, so for the entire event, there will ALWAYS be some form of music playing. Whether it's for an intermission, between singers, or a dance break. Our DJs can read the room and coordinate the entertainment. We offer song requests, special purpose events, games, and contests through the evening. Your customers will come for the fun and music, and stay for the contests, trivia, and variety.


Ask Us About It

It's easy to read things off of a website. You need to experience it to know just how much of a good time this is.
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