Proper Karaoke Etiquette


It's important when attending a karaoke event to show proper etiquette. Some singers are experienced, some are intoxicated, but there are also singers that could be singing on stage for the first time. They are nervous, worried about judgement, and afraid of embarassing themselves. Regardless of experience level, it takes a lot of guts to get on stage and sing in front of a crowd of strangers. To make the experience pleasant and fun for everyone, please follow the APPLAUSE approach.

  1. Applause: Always applaud when a singer approaches and exits the stage. (This is especially important if it is the singer's first time singing karaoke in public.)
  2. Participation: All patrons are encouraged to give it a try, regardless of how good or bad you may think your singing is. Feel free to sing along from your seats, however please wait for the prompting of the color changes as the words appear across the TV monitor.
  3. Patience: We ask that everyone remain patient as they await their turn to sing, remembering that we make every attempt to allow all participants to sing as many times as possible.
  4. Language: Please refrain from using foul language or telling jokes over the microphone. Our shows are a positive, upbeat, entertaining karaoke experience.
  5. Attitude: Smile and have fun! Now is the chance to fulfill your dream of being on stage.
  6. Unruly Behavior: Please be respectful. Treat all other singers the way you would like to be treated and refrain from any negative feedback, comments or interference. It's tought being up there on stage.
  7. Song Selection: Unless you wrote it, you do not own it, so please do not be upset if another person sings your song. When choosing your song from our voluminous collection, keep in mind the songs that have already been sung. If everyone seems to be singing slow songs, by all means select something upbeat and vice versa!
  8. Equipment: We encourage you to enjoy yourself and have fun, however we do ask that you respect our equipment. Please do not drop microphones or dance with or around our equipment. Also please leave all drinks and cigarettes at your table. Do NOT set drinks on speakers or subs.