Get Some Productions in Pomeroy, IA is seeking Karaoke DJs for Friday and Saturday night shows.

As a Karaoke DJ, you are the host, face, and voice of our company and the venue. You will deliver and present entertainment to encourage audience participation and attendance at booked venues, promote bar offers and shows that evening and throughout the week, and provide excellent and professional entertainment to ensure that the customers enjoy their evening and want to spend as much time as possible in the venue during their visit.


  1. Residence in or around the Fort Dodge, Rockwell City, Pomeroy, Webster City, etc area
  2. Fluency in English is a MUST! Spanish is a plus, but is rarely used, and is not a requirement
  3. Ability to sound check and adjust equipment as nessesary. Singing ability is a plus, but is not required
  4. Ability to work alone and unsupervised for up to 6 hours a night (includes travel and set up time)
  5. Ability to lift and carry 50lbs
  6. Must possess a valid driver's license and a reliable vehicle with current registration and insurance
  7. Ability to learn and operate basic hardware mixer, karaoke software, and various types of electronic equipment
  8. Ability to work on Fridays and/or Saturdays
  9. Attention to detail, safety, and punctuality are a MUST
  10. Good communication skills and professional behavior are important
  11. Ability to recognize, handle, and divert technical issues when/if they occur
  12. Ability to organize and coordinate entertainment including singer queues, dance songs, and requests
  13. Ability to read the crowd and select entertainment appropriate for the timing
  14. ZERO tolerance policy for drug use unless it is over the counter or doctor prescribed
  15. Ability to pass a basic background and/or drug test
  16. Previous DJing or karaoke hosting experience is a big plus, but is not required

What Is Provided

All staff members will be provided with staff polo shirts, business cards, and any/all equipment that will be required for an event. Any desired food or drink at an event is your responsibility. You will be given 2 full nights of paid training. Don't worry, you'll catch on quickly.


All contracted events will pay $100/event guarantee after initial training. All uncontracted events will pay the total event's negotiated rate less $50 after initial training. Tips jars are encouraged but are not required at your own descretion.

What's The Most Important

At the end of the day, all we ask is that you are punctual, professional, and clean. During shows, feel free to go out and talk to guests, work with venue staff for fun ideas, keep customers happy, cheering, and dancing. Most important, be safe and have fun! You are the life of the party, and if you enjoy yourself, so will your crowd.

How Do I Get Started

So you meet the requirements and want to give us a try? Have some questions or need more information? Here's what you can do:
Get in contact with us by either:

  1. Calling Nick at 515-302-3065. Please leave a message if there is no answer. There are a lot of robo-calls out there.